About us

Speedy service

Whether it is about a new shop, the opening of an office or an adjustment to the corporate identity; your clients want their new façade lettering as soon as possible. We’ll take care of that! We make sure all materials are in stock so that we can start immediately. In cooperation with our trustworthy transporters, we make sure your order reaches you rapidly.

We offer plenty of choice in materials, colours, measurements and shapes. From synthetic to stainless steel, from unlit to directly lit, from letters to logos and from nifty small to eye-catchingly big. We give shape to every idea.


We like clarity. In our communication we provide short lines, fixed contact points and clear agreements. You always know who you can rely on, what you can expect and what your costs will be. This is great for us, but of course in particular for you and your clients.

Signnovation International sets the tone in the world of façade lettering. Would you like to know more about this, or would you like to meet up without charge? Make an appointment, visit our showroom and feel free to take your client with you to convince him of your ideas. We would love to present our vision on distinctive innovational power in high quality façade and illuminated advertising.