Acrylox 30 mm

Acrylox 30 mm is a very thick façade letter which can be delivered in serif or script lettering. These façade letter give a bold and sturdy look.

It’s possible to provide lasered letters with a double-sided adhesive film. We advise to do this up to and including a height of 150 mm.

It is also possible to order the façade letters with pre-mounted spacers. You will then receive a mounting drawing on which the drill holes are positioned.

If desired, this product can be ordered with threaded ends. You will receive an installation instruction with the positions of the threaded ends.

  • Extra solid
  • Sturdy look
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Delivery Excl. mounting materials
Guarantee 5 years
Delivery time ca. 5 working days
Faceted edge 45° / rounded (3 mm Radius) See photo above (click to the right)

RAL 1003

RAL 1013

RAL 1018

RAL 1019

RAL 2004

RAL 3001

RAL 3005

RAL 3020

RAL 5002

RAL 5015

RAL 5017

RAL 5022

RAL 6018

RAL 6029

RAL 7040

RAL 9005

RAL 9016