Acrylox glued with stainless steel

Create a luxurious façade advertisement with strong façade letters. This façade letter has an Acrylox bottom layer with an 8, 19 or 30 mm thickness. On top of that is a glued-on layer of stainless steel.

To prevent fingerprints when mounting the signs, there will be free gloves included.

  • Extra solid
  • Luxurious appearance
Request price Maintenance instructions
Thickness glued Acrylox 8, 19 and 30 mm
Capital height up to 50 cm

brons geslepen kwaliteit 304

brons spiegel kwaliteit 304

goud geslepen kwaliteit 304

goud spiegel kwaliteit 304

zilver geslepen kwaliteit 316

zilver spiegel kwaliteit 304