Dionox TYPE 6

Dionox TYPE 6 is an acrylic letter and emits light from the back. The letters are sprayed in a 2-component finish and are available in any desirable RAL colour. The front is a standard colour acrylic or opal white. The letters ought to be mounted onto the façade directly by using the included spacer tubes in combination with threaded rods.

If desired, Signnovation can pre-assemble Dionox completely.

  • LED lighting
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Application: indoor and outdoor use
Light source: LED lighting
Depth: 30 mm
Height: starting from 50 mm
Minimum stroke width: 10 mm
Front and part of side: any desired RAL colour
Rear and part of side: white opal acrylate
Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks
Warranty: 2 years (excl. indirect costs)