Dionox TYPE 7

Dionox TYPE 7 are directly illuminated acrylic letters. The letters are sprayed in a 2-component finish and are available in any desirable RAL colour. The front and the upper part of the sides are a standard colour acrylic. Dionox ought to be mounted onto the façade directly by using the included spacer tubes in combination with threaded rods.

If desired, Signnovation can pre-assemble Dionox completely.

  • Luxurious lit advertising
  • LED lighting
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Application: indoor and outdoor use
Light source: LED lighting
Depth: 30 mm
Height: starting from 50 mm
Minimum stroke width: 10 mm
Front and part of side: any desired RAL colour
Rear and part of side: standard colour, opal or film
Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks
Warranty: 2 years (excl. indirect costs)